A Prophetic Word for 2018 from our Bishop.

I saw in the Spirit a page being turned in a book that represented a fresh start and the writing of new chapters. It was as if there was some difficulty in turning the page of this journal but it was finally done with a refreshing air of excitement as the writer was told to write new chapters but was given on pen… again the encouragement came forth to write new chapters but there was given no pen… I heard the voice declare the tongue, the tongue is the pen of the ready writer…

This is the year of unlimited potential, possibilities and progress for the faithful in Christ who make the Kingdom of God their priority. Turn the page and put the past in the past because by My grace your set time to flourish and blossom is now.

Pick up the pen of faith it’s time to write new chapters to testify of My goodness for I do great things. My grace is sufficient therefore no handicap, no barrier, no limitation or work of darkness can keep you bound or hinder my plans for you! Look! Look! Look! You have been set free so don’t let the enemy intimidate you with the past.

Faithfulness is the Kingdom currency that I recognize, it is your faithfulness that is leaving the footprints for future generations to follow. Be on high alert be ready to receive from me for I will use new strategies to surpass and supersede what old methods accomplished. Stay connected to proven Prophetic voices for they will boldly testify of My power to manifest the promised recompense and recoveries.

Don’t be dismayed for doors are opening… doors are opening… I’m positioning My people where My light can be witnessed! Much people will be saved… much people will come to My light in this season so rejoice, so rejoice with the Angels and let the voice of praise be heard continually. Let the voice of praise be heard in the boardroom, let the voice of priase be heard in the home, let the voice of praise be heard in My house, let the voice of praise be heard in your midnights with the expectation of the accelerated manifested breakthrough!

Remember I am the God Most High
and I alone have the last word!!

Bishop I.V. Hilliard