Ruth Miller had no idea of what it meant to live the life of a Pastor’s wife, but she loved the Lord as well as her husband. So with her love for them both allowed her to be faithful over her responsibilities to come. Being supportive to her husband and the congregation of CLC is something that the First Lady takes much pride in. Her mission is to encourage and assure the people of God to experience the loving grace that God offers to all who are willing to believe.

First Lady Ruth is an emblem of regal poise, exemplifying that being a virtuous woman of God and for God is not only attainable but you can enjoy doing it. First Lady Ruth also has a heart for the well being of the family at Christian Life Center, especially with the women. She personally pours out to the women of CLC through fun filled monthly meetings and annual picnics. And she is always willing to share one thing, her bright and shining smile! First Lady Ruth Miller received the call of God to lead the women of CLC, support her husband and to nurture her children in love and unity.