Christian Life Center Worldwide began as “The First Apostolic Church” and was incorporated with state of Georgia on the 19th day of July, 1963 by the Superior Court of DeKalb County for a period of thirty five years at which time its trustees adopted an amendment to the articles of the Corporatizing in which it was duly resolved to change the corporate name from “The First Apostolic Church, Inc.” to “The Landmark Pentecostal Church of Atlanta, Inc.” The initial registered office of the corporation was located at 1430 Bouldercrest Road, S.E. Atlanta, Georgia. Then on July 1, 1998 after having moved its corporate offices to 3406 Rex, Road, the Board of Directors in accordance with corporate by law provisions, filed an amendment to change the name of the corporation from “The Landmark Pentecostal Church of Atlanta, Inc.”, to Christian Life Center of Rex, Georgia, Inc.” It was in 1987 the present facility on 3406 Rex Road was completed and dedicated. Many years of hard work and dedication were sown to harvest the beautiful facility and congregation that now are a part of Christian Life Center of Rex. In January of 1998, Pastor David Wasmundt was officially voted in as Senior Pastor and Pastor Karl was the assistant Pastor. The church had made numerous advances including the widening of its outreach. In 1998 Pastor Karl Miller committed himself to the work and Ministry of Christian Life Center. Within six months he began serving and functioning as Assistant Pastor. Pastor Karl served under David and Georgia Wasmundt for five years and on May 15, 2004 the Wasmundts passed the mantle of Pastor to Karl and First Lady Ruth Miller, who currently serve and do labor in the ministry. His sermon themes focus on the grace of God, Christian Community, discipleship, prayer, servanthood, faith, and love. His vision for realizing the Kingdom of God is rooted dedication to spiritual transformation, outreach to the community, and a commitment to building lay involvement and leadership for ministry.

Pastor Karl has also proven to be a successful businessman and in 1999 he established Kingdom Resources, LLC., a corporation created for the purpose of meeting the growing demand of housing in the Metro Atlanta area.

Pastor Karl and First Lady Ruth currently reside in Hampton, GA with their children, Karl III and Keyona. Pastor Karl is convinced that teaching principles of the Kingdom will create within the hearts of people an enduring relationship with the Sovereign God.

With a steady notable history behind us and an established progressive leadership team in front of us to lead the way, Christian Life Center of Rex looks forward to accelerated growth and greater community involvement in the days and years ahead.

Our history for us to where we are now but with so many positive, innovative and exciting possibilities for the future, the best is yet to come!